Leo Workwear SN01 HeiQ Viroblock Recycled 3-Layer Snood

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  • Heiq viroblock antiviral technology
  • Comford size adjustment
  • Recycled durable polyester with Spandex stretch for comfort with HeiQ Viroblock technology
  • Meltblown felt provides a bacterial barrier and filters out microscopic infectious particles
  • Recycled polyester mesh provides against-the-skin comfort with an anti-microbial treatment that ensures bacterial and odour control
  • Incorporating HeiQ Viroblock silver & vesicle technology
  • This innovative swiss technology makes the fabric resistant to harmful microbes
  • Treated with a biocide to protect it from microbes and germs
  • Fabric: 91% recycled polyester, 9% Spandex
  • Active Ingredient: Silver chloride

Adult One Size

One size fits all.