Welcome to Hi-Vis Heroes: Superhero Landing Not Required

Welcome to Hi-Vis Heroes: Superhero Landing Not Required

Russell Alcock

Here at Hi-Vis Heroes, we don’t just stock hi-vis workwear. We’re also impassioned admirers of craftsmanship; ardent supporters of workers; staunch advocates of work-life balance, and committed partners of brands that sustainably produce workwear.

As such, we’ll be writing about all of our beliefs in this blog, with a light sprinkling of product reviews of course. We’ll also be showcasing brands that sustainably produce outstanding apparel. After all, encouraging eco-friendly solutions is just as important as pointing out environmentally damaging flaws in our system.

Right now, we have Leo Workwear products available for purchase. But we’re working on adding other brands such as: Portwest, Orn, Result Safeguard, Yoko, and many more!

Be sure to check our blog every week, but don’t expect premium-quality journalism. We’re just workers sharing interesting tidbits to other workers. And if we write something you disagree with or think that our articles need correcting, please feel free to shoot us a message down at the comments below, or by sending us an email.

So buckle-up and prepare for the best. Our name is Hi-Vis Heroes but that’s only because we’re named after you.

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