How Medics in Full Hi-Vis Gear Save Five Patients a Day

How Medics in Full Hi-Vis Gear Save Five Patients a Day

Russell Alcock

Medics in full hi-vis gear save five lives a day in London. Why do they need all that high-visibility gear you ask? That’s because they take to the sky and fly patients straight to the Royal London Hospital! And this is all made possible by London’s Air Ambulance.

What is London’s Air Ambulance?

London’s Air Ambulance is a charity that mobilises a helicopter crew to save the most critically injured patients in the city. And yes you read that right, it’s a charity!

Their helicopter crew consists of an advanced trauma doctor, a paramedic, and of course the pilot and co-pilot. And since there’s no traffic up in the sky, they can get to an incident anywhere in London within 11 minutes. But in truth their average flight time is actually faster, clocking in at 7.5 minutes.

How to Donate to the London Air Ambulance Charity

There’s a reason why only the wealthy elite have access to helicopters; they take a fortune to maintain! And unfortunately, after 38,000 missions, their helicopters are starting to show their age.

Which is why they need to raise £15 million by 2024 if they’re going to replace their helicopters to remain operational. So for those who want to help them out, just go to their: Up Against Time Appeal Donation page

You can choose between a one time donation or a monthly option. It takes less than a minute to do so!

London Air Ambulance Fundraising Events

It’s also possible to support them by simply joining their events, which usually involve running, biking, and hiking. You know, activities that can help ease their burden!

Most of the waiting lists for their 2023 events are full though so you need to act fast. At the time of writing this article, they still have two fundraising events for 2023 that you can join:

  • RideLondon - Essex 100 (2023)
  • Thames Path Challenge (2023)

  • Registration fees start from £15 but you can up your donation so they can reach their £15 million goal by 2024. Don’t let these hi-vis heroes down!

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